BitFondo Cryptocurrency Exchange Service Privacy Policy

User registration on the portal provides full access to services and products. For identification and correct operation of the site, it is necessary to provide personal data:

  • full name (surname, first name, patronymic);
  • bank card number and its validity period;
  • web wallet number;
  • mobile phone;
  • e-mail.

This information is stored on the resource for the entire period while the user uses the services of the web portal.

How does the site use personal data?

The user independently and voluntarily provides personal data. The site, in turn, uses them for the following purposes:

  • correct operation of the resource and mobile applications;
  • providing access to the capabilities and services of the portal;
  • operational technical support;
  • modernization and improvement of conditions for clients;
  • newsletter;
  • quick communication with resource employees to resolve technical issues (for example, recovering a forgotten password).

Customer identification is also aimed at combating unauthorized actions of fraudsters who may try to gain access to accounts. Site users are not recommended to disclose personal information or transfer passwords to third parties for use.

Who has access to sensitive user information?

Personal data is protected by the software and resource employees. Other users and third parties do not have access to such information. However, there are situations when access can be granted to the police, as well as by a court order, at the request of law enforcement agencies. These cases are regulated by law.

Users" personal data may also be transferred to new management if the business is sold. This procedure is also regulated at the legislative level.

What are cookies and how are they used?

Cookies are files that are installed on the user"s gadget from the site, collect and store a certain amount of information. These files are used to improve the content of websites, remember personal settings and personal preferences of users. Cookies collect different types of data and store information for different amounts of time (depending on the type of files themselves). Cookies are:

  • necessary - determine the browser used by the client, distinguish between software and optimize the site for this information;
  • analytical - remember which pages the user visited, what content he was interested in, accumulate statistical information in order to ultimately improve the quality of the web resource;
  • technical - help collect and analyze information about errors and failures, carry out research activities aimed at optimizing network operation, help improve system efficiency;
  • functional - aimed at determining and remembering user settings (such as language and geodata) in order to improve and simplify maneuvering through the portal;
  • third-party - allow you to use information on the site from third-party resources, mainly advertising banners (these are also files aimed at analytical work, helping to create targeted advertising that is interesting to a specific target audience and brings benefits).

Depending on the type of cookie, files may be stored on the user"s computer for a long time. This is necessary in order, for example, not to enter personal data each time during the authentication procedure. After performing their functions and tasks, cookies are deleted from the gadget automatically.

Who can have access to cookies?

Cookies can be transferred to third parties and used by the site to improve its performance. For example, cookies are used by Yandex to optimize the search engine, provide relevant content, and save settings.

Yandex uses user cookies to:

  • analysis of user actions and preferences;
  • systematization of information about the work of search engine services.

How does the user know that cookies are being written to the computer? The site asks for a user agreement. You can also refuse the use of cookies, but in this case the site will either work incorrectly or some functionality will become unavailable. You can also manually disable the use of cookies. To do this, you need to go to the browser settings.

Security of sensitive data

The site administration and employees of the technical department ensure the security of users" personal data. All information is used only for the correct operation of the site and the provision of services, is not disclosed or transferred to third parties.

The user can also independently increase the security of their data. This requires you to be careful about your own password and keep it secret. In case of loss of the password, you should contact the technical support of the site to restore that information.




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